Adventure awaits you.

You're invited to one of the nation's largest private ranches. Boasting more than 180,000 acres of wild terrain and wide, unbroken landscapes. Through the implementation of sound game management principles, the Express UU Bar hosts hunters from all over the world to enjoy some of North America’s top trophy hunting of Elk, Mule Deer, and Antelope. Hunters also enjoy large populations of Black Bear, Mountain Lion and Merriam's Turkey.


Our Country

Geographically, the country the Express UU Bar Ranch covers is expansive and pristine. What we call “The High Country,” which is another term for elevated pastoral land, is a portion of the ranch that is best described by its alpine tundra which opens up to display vast, lustrous pastures.

Two of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains sub ranges, the Taos Mountains and the Cimarron Range are quite near the UU Bar. The Taos Mountains span the western lobe of the Sangre de Cristos, and include the highest point in New Mexico, Wheeler Peak (13,161 feet), which is part of the small Wheeler Peak Wilderness. Taos Ski Valley lies just to the west of Wheeler Peak.

The Cimarron Range lies across the Moreno Valley to the east of the Taos Mountains. It is a lower range, and the UU Bar Ranch lies on the east side of the Cimarron Range. At lower elevations and to the East and South of the UU Bar’s High Country the terrain varies. With rolling prairies and juniper covered foothills, large flattop mesa’s, and many pastures that are the basis for the cattle that graze them.

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Our Philosophy

Our mission is to preserve and promote our western lifestyle, raise and promote top quality beef, and provide recreational opportunities for our guests. We do this through good stewardship of our environment, management of our wildlife and their habitat, supporting the communities we live in, and excelling in customer service.