Words and Inspiration from the UU Bar Ranch in Cimmaron, New Mexico.

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    Along the Santa Fe Trail…

    The Express UU Bar Ranch lies along the famous Santa Fe Trail. Whether you are visiting this spectacular ranch as a hunter, fisherman, historian or honored guest with no special agenda, you can easily ‘go back to another time’ and imagine trail hands loading up and hitching their oxen to freight wagons carrying cargo between western Missouri and Santa Fe, New Mexico. In 1821, the Santa Fe Trail became America's first great international commercial highway, and for nearly six...  Read More

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    Freeze the Moment

    A single instant can tell an entire story…and the Express UUBar Ranch is a fabulous place to capture native wildlife ‘doing what they do’ within this famous 180,000 acre property.In this great shot, our hobbyist photographer friend, Gary Sparks, caught two Antelope bucks chasing away a young coyote who was getting too close and too big for his britches. Gary suggests the following tips to capture one-of-a-kind moments with your camera (or, maybe more often in today’...  Read More

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