The Express Story & Mr. Bob Funk

Blessed with an optimistic entrepreneurial spirit, Bob Funk began his career with a Washington state-based staffing company, Acme Personnel. Loving the American West, friendly handshake deals and wide open spaces, Bob brought his family to Oklahoma in 1983 to start Express Employment Professionals which offered temporary staffing to help clients and customers through the 14 percent unemployment recession. Today, Express is #1 in North America, has awarded 770 franchises, earns $3 billion dollars annually and puts 500,000 people to work each year.

Bob’s pursuit of being ranked #1 in another industry (Angus Purebred Seed Stock Operation) was realized in 2000 and continues each consecutive year. In 2006, he acquired the historic UU Bar and Mora Ranches for their beautiful high-altitude rangeland and to further develop Express Ranches’ world-renown genetics program.

Bob can often be seen doctoring his coffee near the UU Bar kitchen, sporting his ten gallon cowboy hat and his genuinely infectious smile. Through his Express UU Bar ranch management team under John and Teri Caid, Bob trusts you will enjoy authentic hospitality, comfortable settings and a special connection to this beautiful property. Upon your personal visit, Bob hopes you have a chance to celebrate its breathtaking vistas, trophy wildlife, its native peoples, the American Cowboy, the great Santa Fe Trail and America’s Western values.

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Bob Funk and Janine Reiger