A Story that began in 1848.

There is much to be said about the history of the UU Bar. Years ago settlers of all kinds passed through New Mexico on the Santa Fe Trail, making a long journey in the search of prosperity.

Originally part of Lucien B. Maxwell’s Maxwell Land Grant, the UU Bar was part of the largest land grant ever, making its original owner Lucien B. Maxwell the largest single landowner in the Western Hemisphere. In the southeast corner of Colfax County in present day New Mexico lays the history of Rayado.

In 1848 and 1849 Lucien B. Maxwell along with his friend Kit Carson would establish the township and ranch settlement of Rayado, being named for the creek on which it sat. The land would also be home to some of the US Calvary. Fort Union, the largest fort in the west sat near Rayado, and served as a safe haven for many travelers on the Santa Fe Trail. As time passed, the Maxwell Land Grant would fall into the hands of two brothers, and in 1927 Waite Phillips would buy 300,000 acres and build Villa Philmont.

He would then later donate 127,395 acres to the Boy Scouts of America. The Philmont Boy Scout Ranch borders the UU Bar today, and both ranches share much of the same history, as neighbors. Phillip’s ranch would eventually pass through several ownerships over the years. It is now; under the ownership of Mr. Bob Funk, that the ranch is on its way back to including much of its original acres.

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